Dashfire seeks strategic partners that complement its contributions. In addition to providing access to discounted programming, DashFire provides assistance with business development, fundraising, financials, sales, technical challenges, strategy, contracts, personnel, and other key ingredients needed by early-stage companies.

Dashfire seeks companies that:

  • Need a professional and robust IT business component in the area of:
    • E-commerce Implementation
    • Web Development
    • Mobile Development
    • Design
    • DevOps
    • Analysis and Audits
    • Software Architecture
    • Data retention and Analytics
  • Are early stage – mostly pre-revenue – or pre-revenue associated with the proposed new minimum viable product (MVP).
  • Have discovered a market niche and an efficient solution to a problem for which there is a great benefit to future customers at reduced costs.
  • Understands how to reach customers. Businesses with paying customers have a higher rate of success.
  • Are teams - dedicated, and diverse multi-person teams are more successful.
  • Appreciate fundraising—groups who can enthusiastically tell their story and encourage others to contribute funds and bring in investment capital are more successful.
  • Are more B2B endeavors than B2C endeavors. Business customers are smaller in number and more easily defined at the outset, making equity conversations more productive.
  • Are endeavors where the core competency of the business is NOT programming. Non-IT centric companies as partners allow FarShore, who brings IT expertise, to be complementary and strategic.
  • Are US based businesses.

Dashfire Investments are Angel and Seed Stage investments. And because the success rate of Angel and Seed Stage investments are low, the successful endeavors must support the ones that fail. This philosophy of the few carrying the many is fundamental to all early-stage investing. Dashfire seeks equity positions consistent with this statistical investing risk profile.

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